Thanks for stopping by our website – a great starting point for information and horticultural advice for your West Coast garden. Whether you garden in Victoria, on the North Shore, or in and around Vancouver, our staff of garden enthusiasts look forward to sharing their expertise with you on the web, by telephone, or face-to-face on your next visit to one of our neighbourhood garden centres.  Click on the “contact us” button on the navigation bar above for contact information or locations of each of our six garden centres.
What a stretch of amazing spring weather we’ve had! Freshly planted annuals, herbs, and veggies have grown and established quickly. Many of us are sporting newly acquired green thumbs this spring!

In June, our long days mean that newly established plantings will continue to grow rapidly.  We’ve received less rainfall then normal this spring, so make sure your new plantings - as well as established trees and shrubs – get adequate water, by watering thoroughly. Remember that watering deeply but less frequently is the key to helping plants establish a deep, healthy root system. 

The spring season certainly got off to an early start, but our garden centres continue to offer a great selection of all garden plants, including vegetable plants, herbs, trees & shrubs, perennials and annuals. It’s finally the right time to plant those heat lovers – cucumbers, zucchini, zinnias, beans & sweet basil – to name just a few!

Our roses are in bloom and are stunning – it’s the perfect time to choose a favourite for your garden. There’s always some trees & shrubs promising to bloom “out in the nursery” - California lilac, deutzia, Japanese snowbell, Korean dogwood…
June is prime time for perennials in bloom, and we keep our offering of perennials fresh and inspiring, which makes it easy to choose perfect perennials and to visualize how they’ll  fit into your garden while you are at the garden centre!
 If you consider yourself a “plant nut”, drop by as often as you can for a quick look around - many new, cool and interesting plants arrive at the garden centre, often unheralded, at this time of year!
As the month progresses and your plants continue to grow quickly, stay on top of pulling the also-rapidly -growing weeds, keep an eye out for signs of garden pests, and remember - our staff of garden experts are always at the ready with the right products, helpful hints, and practical advice to contribute to your gardening success. Drop by anytime – we’ll be delighted to greet you with a warm June welcome!

GARDENWORKS has teamed up with the Global BC Saturday Morning TV news to bring you some easy to follow seasonal garden projects and helpful hints. Click on the link below to go to the Global TV Video Archive Page.  Click Here
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